The Edge staff and Gannon’s Department of Theatre, Communication and Fine Arts present a Halloween treat, Michael Jackson style. People in the Waldron Campus Center had no idea what was about to happen. Enjoy!

Read on for Nicole Dohoda’s ‘Thriller’ experience:

So, I just got back to the office, and I still have a bit of paint on my face – sometimes cold cream doesn’t work as well as we’d like it to, but this morning was worth every bit of it.

Ever since last year’s Springtopia Happening, we knew we wanted to follow it up with something big. Now, for the past few weeks, Alpha Psi Omega president Alison Bartley had been teaching us the dance to Michael Jackson’s infamous “Thriller,” and finally, today was the day we’d take it over to Waldron for another surprise performance.

This morning, as soon as my broadcast copywriting class ended, I bolted to the theater with a few other cast members to get “zombie-fied.” Our theater manager, Jax Kubiak, had shown us how to get the undead look, and we all managed to make it work. I’ll have to find some pictures. We looked kind of freaky.

The distance between the Schuster Theatre and Waldron Campus Center began the performance. We decided to walk over as zombies from the moment we set foot outside the theater doors.

When we got to Waldron, a few APO people were still handing out fliers for our haunted house tomorrow night – which is another story entirely. We hobbled to our places as more people than I expected started crowding around us. I’m fairly certain they thought we were just doing a publicity stunt where we would walk out as zombies, make a scene or some sort of mess and leave. We did make a scene.

As soon as the song started, we heard a few people gasp, “Oh my gosh, they’re going to dance?!” And dance we did, thank you very much.

Now that it’s over, all I’m thinking about is what it’s going to be next year. Watch out Gannon, we’ve got more where that came from!

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