I Write Words: Me & Morrissey

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Each morning before class, I make sure my iPod is fully charged in preparation for my morning walk to Palumbo. The soundtrack changes but the sentiment stays the same; from The National to Drake and everything in between, I often have a very specific slew of songs to fit my mood or the season. Given […]

Gannon Yaks: 7 People Who Are Doing Halloween Right

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We scoured Yik Yak and made a list of the people who are having the BEST Halloween at GU. Happy Halloween from all of us at Edge!   1. This guy in a Bane mask           2. This Weezy fan       3. Edna           4. This […]

The scaredy-cat’s haunted house survival guide

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Halloween is just around the corner, and with that comes an inevitable and unnecessary evil: haunted houses. If you’re anything like me, well, you’re a coward – and that’s okay! Who wants to pay money to shuffle through a dark, musty basement and maybe have a heart attack? Have no fear, fellow scaredy-cats, as I’ve […]

RUNDOWN: Chocolate-covered pretzels and Halloween fun

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Monday, Oct. 27: It’s Cranky Coworkers Day! Spend some time commiserating with your fellow work friends. Bonus points: practice your best “Jim from the Office reaction face” with your coworkers. Tuesday, Oct. 28: Support the women’s soccer as they compete against Indiana University of PA from 4-6 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 29: The England T.R.A.V.E.L. Trip […]

Mary Kate’s top 10 Halloween movies

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The spooky season is upon us, friends. What better way to get into the spirit of the season than by watching some classic scary flicks? Here’s a top-ten list of my favorite Halloween movies. Hopefully it gets you guys into a terrifyingly entertained mindset.   10. “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!” (1966) OK, OK, […]

A different kind of Stage Fright

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“We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our lives are rounded with a little sleep.” This quote from Shakespeare’s “The Tempest,” was the tagline for this year’s Stage Fright, the annual haunted house presented by Alpha Psi Omega and the Schuster Theatre. The theme this year was dreams, which are often far […]

Erie’s wildly popular zoo is a student fave

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Animal-loving students flock to the Erie Zoo on breezy Erie afternoons. The zoo holds a variety of wildlife – nearly 400 animals and over 600 species of plants! And every visitor has their personal favorites. The red pandas are some of the most talked about animals in the zoo because of their pure Asian descent and […]

7 ways to make the most of fall break

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After hitting the books hard for over a month, college students enjoy a break. At Gannon, fall break runs Oct. 10-14. Here are seven ideas for unwinding during your time off: 1. Catch a game.  Whether you are at home or at Gannon, there are plenty of fall sports to check out.  Go to a […]

GU Speak: What Exactly is OcSOBERfest?

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OcSOBERfest is an annual, free Halloween party put on by students for students. KnightLIFE, the alcohol-free campus event planning club, organizes an evening of ghoulish entertainment. A play off of the traditional German Oktoberfest, OcSOBERfest has activities like karaoke, “Guitar Hero,” Halloween-themed games like “Wrap the Mummy,” and a fiercely competitive costume contest. Students pile into the gym […]