Bruce Kibler, a world professor

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Students typically only view their professors through a student-teacher perspective.  They enter class, get lectured, get their assignments for the next class and then leave.  Students often forget that professors are people too, and can be a vessel of useful information and interesting stories. With this in mind I sought an interview with a unique […]

Granting a Twilight Wish

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During this semester, I took Business Policy – a course that is required of all senior business majors to graduate. I did not have much enthusiasm for participating in this class during my last semester at Gannon since it has been known as the “gross anatomy” of the business department.  As I sat down for […]

Project aids Twilight Wish

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Senior business majors at Gannon University had the opportunity to dive head-first into the world of nonprofit work this semester as they spent countless hours of time and energy working with a local foundation to raise funds and spread the word. Students in this semester’s Business Policy class worked alongside their teacher, Bruce Kibler – […]