During this semester, I took Business Policy – a course that is required of all senior business majors to graduate. I did not have much enthusiasm for participating in this class during my last semester at Gannon since it has been known as the “gross anatomy” of the business department.  As I sat down for the first class, we were presented with a course-long assignment to work in collaboration with the Twilight Wish Foundation. Two board members provided a presentation on the mission of Twilight Wish and explained the goals they wished for us to complete.

Business Policy is designed to touch upon a variety of skills we have gained thus far as business students and apply them to a real world scenario. The rest of the class and I sat there at the end of the presentation waiting for someone to give us instructions and guidance on how to proceed, but this never happened. We had to take it upon ourselves to figure out how to handle this task. I volunteered to serve as the group leader for the project as long as others were willing to help me. Five other students stepped up to the challenge and we split the class into five groups that would each work on a different part of the project.

We were responsible for planning and holding a fundraiser, five public speaking engagements, creating a unique program, applying for two grants and creating a database for the foundation.  It was an enjoyable experience to not only come up with ideas for each of these tasks but also to see them be implemented. Through two different fundraisers, the class was able to raise over three hundred dollars. We applied for two grants, reached out to nearly 70 people to spread the mission of the Twilight Wish Foundation and developed the database. We also created a cookbook with recipes from local seniors that The Twilight Wish Foundation now can use as a unique program for years to come.

The final requirement of the project is to present our progress and results with the Board of Directors for the Twilight Wish Foundation.  On April 30 at 5 p.m., our group gave a presentation explaining what goals were achieved and what progress was made to support the foundation as it expands its outreach.

As my senior year and career here at Gannon comes to a close, I have enjoyed the opportunity to assist a local non-profit organization spread its mission and ability to assist those in need. It was a unique opportunity to apply all of the skills and abilities I have gathered and refined during my time at Gannon and prepare my fellow classmates and me for life and our careers after graduation.