Traveling around the world as a student

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Traveling is one of the greatest things in the entire world, well to me at least. I love getting to explore a new country, state or city. I think traveling makes you open your eyes and see the world in a different perspective. In my 21 short years on this earth, I’ve traveled a little. […]

Monday, Monday and California dreamin’

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I had a very “The Mamas & the Papas” week last week. (You know, “Monday, Monday / Can’t trust that day…”) The chorus of “Monday, Monday” played on repeat in my head. It’s certainly a day that I don’t really care to trust. And really, every other day of the week is fine. Besides Monday, the […]

Gannon students gaze into the future

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With all the exams and projects that comprise college life, it’s easy for students to lose sight of what they’re working toward. Some, however, have a clear picture in mind. In five years, they see themselves… Jared Schaaf, freshman history/pre-law major: …continuing my education here at Gannon. I will be working hard to pay for […]