Meet A Golden Knight: Carine Munezero Uwase

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Rwandan computer science and software engineering major Carine Munezero Uwase is striving to provide voice for fellow Knights through her role as an Integrated Marketing Influencer. On and off campus, Carine channels her passion for service and storytelling to make an impact in communities around her. She is actively creating and seeking out opportunities for […]

Embracing Resilience: Unlocking the full Potentials of Exceptional Leaders

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In a world filled with constant changes and challenges, resilience has become an essential skill than ever for individuals to succeed in their personal and professional lives. However, building resilience is not always easy, and we often find ourselves struggling to bounce back after facing setbacks and failures. The Leadership Development and campus engagement office […]

Meet A Golden Knight: Gwen Ciletti-Dougherty

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Gwen Ciletti-Dougherty is a senior public health major with a double minor in psychology and biology at Gannon University. On and off campus, Gwen channels her passion for service and for health care system to make an impact in communities around her. She is currently a student worker at the Gannon Covid testing lab where […]

Meet A Golden Knight: Joseph Pfleger

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Through his passion for leadership, Joseph is ensuring that his peers’ needs are heard on campus. Joseph Pfleger is a Finance and Pre-law student at Gannon University. Throughout his life, Joseph has pushed himself and gotten involved in the communities around him. Now through his passion, he serves as a president of the Student Government […]
Jade Hammerer

Meet A Golden Knight: Jade Hammerer

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Jade Hammerer is a legal studies and history double major from Baltimore Maryland. By getting involved in a range of campus activities and organizations, Jade has built strong networks and is working hard to make her mark on campus and the world. Watch a full video of the conversation we had with her on this […]