A logical start to my new internship

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New situations are usually intimidating. Whether it’s a class or a job, you sometimes don’t know what to expect at all. Because this is my senior year, I wasn’t expecting to have too many new and scary situations thrown at me. Until, I had an internship interview. I previously worked a summer internship at a […]

Setting goals reduces stress

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November brings a lot of changes to campus. It could be anything – the weather, the general atmosphere of campus, or even a change in friends, opinions or goals. Change is a part of life and is necessary for us to grow as individuals. We learn more and change the way we think about certain […]

An expedition to the Embassy for a passport to Paris

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I hope you all had a great Christmas break! I really enjoyed my time at home with my friends and family. Over break, I got to take two little trips to visit friends and finish up some last-minute details for my trip in February. While my first trip, to Cleveland, was a lot of fun, […]