Dorm Friendsgiving

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Nothing brings friends together like food. Especially college friends.  Eating is like half of what we do as college students. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to gather roommates and or friends to enjoy the wonders of food. What i’m saying is that you should consider having a Friendsgiving.   Let me be clear though. This is […]

Cooking n’ Such

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As a little kid, my favorite thing to do was to go to the grocery store with my mom. I know, I know, that sounds like I a) had a really disappointing childhood or b) didn’t get out much as a kid, but hear me out:  I loved grocery shopping. I loved the order behind […]

9 offbeat gift ideas for college students

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It’s that time of year again, when you find yourself running around looking for holiday gifts for friends and family. Usually, I have lots of questions like, “What does this person want?” “What don’t they already have?” “People like socks, right?” Don’t get stumped trying to find creative gifts this holiday season. Here are some […]

Shrimp pasta recipe (for the Lenten season)

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Lent is a time of sacrifice for Catholics in preparation of Easter. As an act of penance, most Catholics refrain from eating meat every Friday during Lent. If you’re used to eating meat, abstaining from your carnivore habits during this time might be difficult. You might get stuck in a bland grilled cheese and tomato […]

“Hungry Girl” leads to queasy girl

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This semester I decide I wanted to cook more. I wanted to start making myself meals that were healthier and not of the frozen variety. I have always loved cooking. I even have a special dish I make every Thanksgiving for my family. I also took cooking classes in high school too. I am clearly […]

VIDEO: Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth w/ “A Knight in the Kitchen”

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Craving something sweet and super easy to make? Check out the latest episode of “A Knight in the Kitchen,” where Nicole Dohoda, Erin Bogda and Jess Charlton create some mouth-watering whoopie pies. Whether you call them Oreos, black-and-whites, or gobs, they are absolutely awesome. Don’t forget to vote for Gannon’s Ultimate Fave!

VIDEO: Must-Have Apple Fritters!

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In this episode of “A Knight in the Kitchen,” Jess Charlton and Lisa Lamperski are cooking up a warm treat for a cold day: apple fritters. Watch this video to get the recipe. Warning: this video may cause serious cravings. Get other great recipes from “A Knight in the Kitchen!”

VIDEO: Thrilling and Chilling Recipes from GU

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Okay, so it’s January, but we’re flashing back to October as we share the fifth episode of “A Knight in the Kitchen.” Kyle and Q are cooking up some Halloween specialties that’ll make your mouth water and your skin crawl!