Student project successfully launches into the upper atmosphere

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A photograph of the GURPSI balloon at the moment of burst 95,000 feet above the Allegheny National Forest. Students in Gannon University’s School of Computer Science and Engineering successfully launched their senior design project 95,000 ft. into the atmosphere to record its flight and gather data for their analysis and capstone presentation. The mild wind […]

Fire up the DeLorean — Summer's flying by

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It’s July now. It seems like the time is flying by during this summer vacation. Before I know it, I will be back up at school doing everything again. Now, I know that we don’t have classes during summer, at least I’m not taking any, but I still have lots of stuff I have been […]

Don't worry, college won't eat you

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It’s hard to believe I’m going to be starting my third year of college by the end of this summer. I still remember the day that I left high school and my home to come to Gannon. I remember how I thought that college was going to be terrible and I wouldn’t make any friends […]

Wait, we have class?

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Well, by the time you read this, I will have finished my sophomore year of college. It’s almost surreal. I am halfway done with my college years (at least undergraduate). Getting into my core classes was a lot of fun. They were very challenging, but nothing I couldn’t overcome and do well in. That’s the […]

Staying sane in semester's "crunch time"

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This year has been one crazy year. School really ramped up in terms difficulty and workload. At this point, I’m trying to get the rest of the semester organized so that I don’t miss anything. It’s a daunting task, but it needs to be done so I don’t lose my mind. Sometimes it feels like […]

A single atom transistor and how it affects you

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OK, I am such a nerd. But what I’m going to talk about is some really, really cool stuff. It’s my duty to help keep you guys informed of all things technological — well, a little bit of it anyway. And yes, this affects you as much as it does me. Be warned: There is […]

Software, bugs and procrastination

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Software never works 100 percent as it should. “The more complex a piece of software, the harder it is to find all of the bugs,” as one of my professors would say. A bug in a piece of software is something that doesn’t work as intended. With a lot of college schoolwork being done on […]

Tech Guy Has Advice for Staying Safe Online

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Growing up is not always the most fun activity. But we all do it and every year as college students we get closer to life on our own. We start to gain all the “grown up” things: debit/credit cards, a job, technology, etc. A while ago, I wrote a blog about how the students each […]

College: There’s an App for That

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I love tech. There is no doubt about that. For me it is probably borderline obsession, but I have no problem with that. I have recently been thinking about how each new class of students who go to college bring new technology with them. The newest item of tech is the tablet. These range from […]

Software and Swivel Chairs

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I spend a lot of time at my computer; I’ve come to accept that fact. For all people pursuing a software-engineering degree or any other computer related field, it is probably worthwhile to buy a nice desk chair. I, myself, need to go buy a new one since my old one is now in the […]