Theater Opportunities in Erie for College Students

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When I was in high school I came up with the brilliant idea of double majoring in Middle Level Education and Theater. When searching for schools, I wanted to find a school which had a lot of theater opportunities. On Gannon’s website, it said that there were a ton of theater opportunities in the Erie […]

Fringe Fest Erie 2015: Week 2

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Fringe Fest Erie has already showcased significant student talent, but there’s more coming in the second week! Two student-written productions, as well as three associate productions are on the slate for the week:  “Like Father, Like Son” By Roman Denisyuk. Directed by Roman Denisyuk and Todd Paropacic. Based on a true story that occurred in Erie, […]

Fringe Fest Erie: Week 1

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On the bill this week, you can catch Gannon University’s Schuster Theatre productions of:  ‘Actors’ – Feb. 2 & 4, 8 p.m., Zurn 104 ‘A Little Nonsense’ – Feb. 3 & 5, 8 p.m., Schuster Theatre Green Room  ‘GU Talent Show’ – Feb. 6 & 7, 8 p.m., Schuster Theatre Main Theatre Space Local theatre […]

Fringe Fest Erie: 5 things you might not know

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Fringe Fest comes back to Erie February 2 and runs through February 24. To get you pumped for a month full of theatre, we’ve got 5 things you might not know about Fringe Fest Erie. This is the 5th annual Fringe Fest. There are eight Gannon productions that are performed, written or directed by Gannon students, […]

Dramashop’s ‘Dorian Grey’ sparks renewed interest in theater

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My number of theater visits is much, much lower than I ever anticipated coming to college. In fact, it’s been a big, fat zero since I arrived at Gannon University. This is a shame for many reasons, primarily because we have one of the best theater departments in the area. Additionally, theater is something I […]

The art styles of downtown Erie

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Ask anyone involved in the arts in some way, shape or form about the importance of local arts and entertainment, and they will speak until they’re blue in the face. Fortunately, that is not what I’m here to do. Rather, I’d like to showcase some of Erie’s less well-known attractions and best-kept secrets for your […]

Is love or isn’t it?

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                With Fringe Fest Erie 2014 just on the horizon, we thought it important to introduce Gannon students and prospective readers alike to some of the fantastic featured performances taking place throughout March. This being the case, I’ve decided to take a look at a show I feel […]

The nominations are in! Let the voting begin for Gannon’s Ultimate Fave 2014!

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UPDATE: Round 1 voting has closed! See the winners below! The nominations are in and it’s time to start voting for Gannon’s Ultimate Fave 2014! Through online nominations and write-in nominations at the Waldron Campus Center, Gannon students have nominated 32 locations in the quest to determine Gannon’s Ultimate Fave 2014. The winner from each of […]

Laugh/Riot presents a play with “No Exit”

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“Hell is other people.” No, for once I’m not talking about the population of your 8 a.m. class, or the obnoxious group of people you saw in the cafeteria at lunch. This quote comes from “No Exit,” the most famous play written by Jean-Paul Sartre, an existentialist philosopher. Published in 1944, the play tells the […]