Beehive Stimulates Economic Flow of Erie While Combating Brain Drain

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Image Drawn by: Christian Colton Entrepreneurship has long been the theme of the United States since the birth of democracy. In recent years, Erie, Pennsylvania has exemplified the hunger for an American revitalization, as the Northwest Pennsylvania Innovation Beehive Network and other start-up services have provided assistance to businesses in the Erie region. While manufacturing […]

Faculty focus on Renee Liu, Ph.D.

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This article by John Chacona appeared in Gannon Magazine, Summer 2012 Passion and accounting are terms that coexist uneasily, but Jiangxia “Renee” Liu, Ph.D., assistant professor of accounting in Gannon University’s Dahlkemper School of Business Administration, has no problem reconciling the two. “Teaching is where my passion lies,” she readily admits, adding that, “What I enjoy most […]

Balancing the Budget (And My Schedule)

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Hello All! This semester, I’m taking my first economics class, which is proving to be an interesting experience. I never realized how detailed the economy is, even if you’re looking at it from a microeconomics standpoint. Keeping track of the different flows of money and products in and out of the system is proving to […]