Hello All!

This semester, I’m taking my first economics class, which is proving to be an interesting experience. I never realized how detailed the economy is, even if you’re looking at it from a microeconomics standpoint. Keeping track of the different flows of money and products in and out of the system is proving to be a little challenging, but I’m sure that everything will make sense in time.

I’m really enjoying the classes that I’m taking this semester, and I’m meeting a lot of new people. I have made a few new friends, and I’ve strengthened my friendships with those I met last semester. Making friends was a major worry for me coming into college, but during orientation I actually met people with whom I am still very close. Getting involved early with the productions at the Schuster Theatre also helped me make friends outside of my major.

Speaking of the Schuster Theatre, this past month has been my first experience working behind the scenes. Throughout the production of Sam Shepard’s “A Lie of the Mind,” I helped a dear friend, Chelsey Klube, by being her assistant stage manager. Basically, I helped the actors when they needed line cues, and was in charge of the backstage area during the show. I kept track of props and set the stages during the intermissions of the show. It’s been a great experience – one that was never an option for me in high school.

“Lie” just closed, and seeing and hearing the transformations of each character from the first read-through to opening night was astounding. It’s been a great journey from beginning to end and I’m happy that I got to be witness to it.

The last few weeks have definitely been hectic, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Hope everything’s good for you!


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