VIDEO: Jennie Morgan-Velez, Salsa-Dancing Enrollment Advisor

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Meet Jennie Morgan-Velez, a salsa-dancing, student-friendly enrollment advisor at Gannon University. Watch her story and find out why she believes in the possibilities. Gannon’s Office of Admissions is full of colorful characters. Meet some of the other enrollment staff members here.

VIDEO: Mike Goebel Goes from ‘Rebel’ to Enrollment Advisor

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Gannon enrollment advisor Mike Goebel made it on ESPN Sportscenter. Any idea how? Get to know Mike and find out about his role in Gannon’s Office of Admissions. Mike Goebel is just one part of the GU Admissions crew. Meet some of his coworkers, Pat Washington, Miles Vida, Lauren Whittaker and Emily Kleps.

As Graduation Nears, Keep Calm and Carry On

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As March rolls in and the snow begins to melt, many people at Gannon can’t help but look to May and what the end of the semester means for everyone. For me and my classmates, it means graduation and moving on to graduate school or “big kid jobs.” For underclassmen, it means they have another […]