As March rolls in and the snow begins to melt, many people at Gannon can’t help but look to May and what the end of the semester means for everyone. For me and my classmates, it means graduation and moving on to graduate school or “big kid jobs.” For underclassmen, it means they have another year under their belt. But, for high school seniors, it’s time to take the next big step… college.

Here in the Admissions Office, we know all about making that transition, and we’re here to help. I’m not only an editor for Edge, but I also work as a KnightCaller – an admissions telecounselor. We call students who have indicated an interest in Gannon and help them with the entire college process from visits and open houses to applying and attending orientation.

Maybe you’ve even had a call from one of us – if you’ve ever answered a call and heard, “Hi, this is a student calling from Gannon University. Is [your name] available?” then you’ve definitely interacted with one of the 13 of us.

Through both KnightCalling and writing for Edge, I’ve had the opportunity to help several students prepare for college from picking the right computer for Gannon’s campus to packing the right clothes for a winter in Erie, and I love it. I’m actually in the process of applying for jobs as an enrollment advisor.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Gannon, including classes, work, activities and friends, and I want to help more people experience what GU has to offer. On the wall in our office we have a sign keeping track of the number of students who have decided to come to Gannon in the fall, and it’s exciting to see that total increase daily.

Whether you’re 100 percent sure that Gannon’s for you, you’re still uncertain (which is okay at this point – just weeks before the start of my fall semester I was still unsure, but my enrollment advisor helped me through my “college-picking crisis”) or even if you haven’t applied to Gannon yet (it’s alright – we have rolling admissions!), there’s certainly someone in admissions who can help you out.

If you have questions, concerns or just want to chat about Gannon, call or email your enrollment advisor. Or shoot anyone on Edge an email or Facebook message – we love hearing from you, and we’ve been in your position before; we’re here to help.

As May continues to hurdle toward us, as it has a tendency to do, I wish everyone luck with job searches, school applications and new plans.

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