Gannon Magazine: $1.2 Million Grant to Serve Erie High School Students

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Colleges and universities know that there are talented students everywhere, but finding them and steering them toward a rewarding academic career has often been a challenge. That search just got a little easier at Gannon University thanks to a $1.2 million, five-year grant from the U.S. Department of Education. The grant will support Gannon University’s […]

Gannon Magazine: Homecoming Legacy

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Gannon’s homecoming and reunion weekend had a record attendance in 2016 with over 950 people in attendance. Save the date for next year from October 6-8, 2017! See the full video and photo album here – in the latest issue of Gannon Magazine.

Gannon Magazine: Culture & Climate Change Series Opens Discussions & Minds

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“Laudato Si’,” Pope Francis’ 2015 encyclical letter on climate change, was inspired by the canticle written by his namesake, Saint Francis of Assisi, that “reminds us that our common home is like a sister with whom we share our life and a beautiful mother who opens her arms to embrace us.” This year, Gannon University […]

Gannon Magazine: Celebrating the Success of Vision 2020

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The culmination of the Vision 2020 Campaign marked a milestone in Gannon history, becoming its largest fundraising campaign. There is much to celebrate following the culmination of Vision 2020, Gannon’s highly successful comprehensive campaign. The effort raised $67.5 million in charitable giving, government grants and sponsored research. The seven-year campaign was highlighted by the more […]

Edge is a proud part of the #GannonFamily

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For the full article (and #GannonFamily videos), visit the June 2016 issue of Gannon Magazine:  “Over the years of asking students and other Gannon University community members what makes Gannon special, an expression is frequently used: “Gannon is a family.” As Gannon University alumni, students, faculty and staff sit around their family dinner tables they should always be reminded that they will also […]

International student helps local high schoolers

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For most international students, simply seeing the nation’s capital, the site of the bloodiest battle in American history and other historic locations would constitute as overwhelming experiences. But for Menglong Cai, a junior finance major from China, it was not enough just to be a tourist. Cai is one of seven Gannon students participating in Gannon’s […]

Scholarships available for study abroad

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This article by Joe Cuneo appeared in Gannon Magazine, Summer 2012 Did you know? Gannon has three endowments in place to help aid students who study abroad. The Robert J. Christenson Study Abroad Endowed Scholarship, the Leo I. Davis Study Abroad Endowed Scholarship and the Dr. Alexander J. Miczo Study Abroad Endowed Scholarship offer students going overseas for studies, service-learning or internships […]

Faculty focus on Renee Liu, Ph.D.

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This article by John Chacona appeared in Gannon Magazine, Summer 2012 Passion and accounting are terms that coexist uneasily, but Jiangxia “Renee” Liu, Ph.D., assistant professor of accounting in Gannon University’s Dahlkemper School of Business Administration, has no problem reconciling the two. “Teaching is where my passion lies,” she readily admits, adding that, “What I enjoy most […]

Careers and classrooms: GU faculty draw on 'real world' experience

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This excerpt by John Chacona appeared in Gannon Magazine, Summer 2012 Despite the persistence of the “ivory tower” myth, the borders between the academy and the so-called “real world” have always been porous at Gannon, with the traffic from each side enriching both. The most potent evidence of this phenomenon is certainly the expertise that […]

Alumni Focus: Larry Gioia, Class of 2004

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This article by Joe Cuneo appeared in the Gannon Magazine, Summer 2012 issue. No matter when you graduated, there are certain things alumni from every generation can relate to: hanging out in the cafeteria, enjoying Erie winters, celebrating Mass. Something alumnus Larry Gioia ’04 and his father, Carmen Gioia ’77, have in common, however, is a bit more […]