Tips for Housing Selection

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Just when you’re starting to get comfortable with your living situation, housing selection time creeps up on you. You’ve barely got a handle on all the things going on this semester and now you have to start thinking about the next one. Housing selection comes with lots of questions, but luckily, I’m here to help […]

Housing how-to’s

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Housing is something that can make or break a college experience. As a freshman in a new environment, you’re probably randomly assigned a roommate who may turn out to be a close friend or someone who is barely tolerable. However, going into your second year of school you’ll be able to pick your own roommates […]

Look into the Past: Walker Building

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Look into the Past takes old photos from Gannon’s archives and revisits their present-day locations. Feel free to visit the original post for more information. On the corner of Peach and Seventh streets, Walker has been a part of Gannon for over 40 years. On the ground floor are 90.5 WERG, the campus radio station, […]

These things and their names

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Signing the lease for my first apartment is one of those pivotal adult moments I’ve had on my checklist for years. It’s right up there between meeting Lance Bass and doing a back flip as one of the things that will make me a fully quantifiable adult. But once the paperwork was finished and I […]

Students, staff weigh in on off-, on-campus housing

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A question is proposed – mainly to the upperclassmen – if they should live in Gannon University-owned apartments or not. Denise Bakerink, director of Student Living, said she has a few ideas for why students may choose to seek lodgings off-campus. “My guess is the cost, but I’m not sure that’s the reality of this […]

Gannon A to Z: K is for Kenilworth

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Dating back to their construction in 1924, Kenilworth Apartments have been a cornerstone on West 6th Street. Purchased by Gannon in 1981, Kenilworth houses 120 students in units that accommodate two to five people. Why is it called Kenilworth? University archives hold no record of who built Kenilworth, only when it was built and purchased. […]