New Year, New Opportunities at the RWC

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The 2017 Spring Semester is now underway here at Gannon University; have you been living up to your New Year’s Resolutions? Good for U – Gannon University’s wellness initiative – wants you to forget the hype of New Year’s Resolutions, and set a goal instead! A New Year’s Resolution is typically an idea or desire […]

Photo of the week: A taste of summer

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Springtopia is an annual celebration hosted by APB, with a week’s worth of activities including inflatables, comedians, Big Prize Bingo, and free food, like Rita’s, one of Gannon student’s favorite frozen treats. This photo is from instagram user @erikamarie344. Got a great shot for Edge? Tweet it @GannonU or @GannonEdge or tag us @GannonU on […]

Photo of the week: Who wants coffee?

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“The trouble with the world today it’s plain to see, is everything is hurry up!” So goes one of the lines from “Coffee in a Cardboard Cup,” the song being rehearsed in this photo from “The World Goes Round,” the musical running in the Schuster Theatre April 26-27 and May 2-4 at 8:00 pm and […]

Photo of the Week: A taste of the world

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One of Gannon student’s favorite events during the year is International Night, which takes place every spring. There’s food and entertainment from all around the world, many of it cooked, served, and performed by Gannon’s own international students. This photo comes from instagram user @reb3tola. Got a great shot for Edge? Tweet it @GannonU or […]

Photo of the Week: Books, and pencils, and teddy bears, oh my!

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The Gannon University bookstore has school supplies, living necessities, and of course, books, as well as gifts for students to send to loved ones, including these spirited teddy bears! This photo came from Instagram user kaylin3135. Got a great shot for Edge? Tweet it @GannonU or @GannonEdge or tag us @GannonU on Instagram!

Photo of the Week: Stations of the Cross

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Every year, students from Campus Ministry act out the Stations of the Cross during Lent in Mary, Seat of Wisdom Chapel. This photo was posted by jschaafphotos on Instagram. Got a great shot for Edge? Tweet it @GannonU or @GannonEdge or tag us @GannonU on Instagram!

Four point O-verconfident

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4.0 is the sum of 3.0 and 1.0, and also 2.0 and 2.0, and also 1.7 and 2.3, and also a lot of hard work. It’s also the GPA my dad and I agreed I needed to get for the remainder of my time at Gannon. It’s also the GPA I got last semester. This […]

Photo of the Week: Striking a pose

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Instagram user and Gannon football player #mcfly_tye strikes a pose with Victor E. Knight, the Gannon mascot, at the Carnival Athletic Pavilion. Want to know what Victor was doing with the football players? Keep an eye on Edge for a video in the next few weeks…. Want to see your photo here? You can submit […]

Photo of the Week: Thinking about Christmas

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All of Gannon is getting decorated for the holidays and the various departments are no exception. The psychology lounge is decked out in snowflakes, presents and its very own Christmas tree! Want to see your photo here? You can submit them by posting them on Gannon’s Facebook page. You can also use Twitter or Instagram to […]