VIDEO: Gannon University Open House

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The Admissions Office at Gannon University hosts open houses in fall and spring for prospective students seeking an up-close look at Gannon.  Meet students and faculty, learn about Gannon’s outstanding undergraduate programs, and connect with administrators from student life, learning abroad and more. Visit and learn why we at Gannon, Believe…in the Possibilities.

Walk on: Thoughts from a graduating senior

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Back when I was in high school I took nightly walks around the neighborhood. I took the same pre-determined path almost every night – one that was very easy to remember and was just a little more than a mile. In my mind, the path was always broken down into three distinct parts. The first […]

Cap & Gown feat. Jake Slease

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As I listen to today’s radio, I can’t help but have a notion that there is a war going on over something we all do every day. I am well-versed in conspiracy theories, and I think I’ve stumbled onto something. In one corner we have the perennial superstar in Justin Timberlake. Opposite of him we […]

So tell me what I want (what I really, really want)

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When I was in high school, I had to complete a senior project to graduate. That project was to be completed in a few parts, and one was a task known as job shadowing. Job shadowing, for those not familiar, is the act of following around someone in a field that you are interested in […]

Burger king now avoiding deep-fried anything

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I am without a doubt a burger junkie. You name a joint in Erie, and I’ve had a burger there. A turkey burger with a handful of pickles and tomatoes from Sara’s should be renamed the Jake Slease special because I’ve ordered so many. The phone number to the nearest Five Guys is programmed in […]

The language of life

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Sometimes we need perspective in our live to see what we really have. That is exactly what I received when I met Alex Nyamachabo. Alex – which I assume is his Americanized name – is native of the Congo, a country I already mentioned in an earlier blog. I gave a tour of campus to […]

A taste of India: Raj Mahal II

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Aug. 25, 2012 was a sad night for Indian cuisine. Erie’s Raj Mahal caught fire and was burned beyond repair. Luckily for local cultural “foodies,” the owner was not deterred from this tragedy. From the ashes of the Raj Mahal, Raj Mahal II was created. Raj Mahal II is located on Peach Street, near the […]

Why I'll remember what I'll remember

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I want to talk about psychology, something that my co-blogger Matt would be better suited to talk to you about. In the field of psychology there is a theory known as the serial position effect. This effect was first introduced by Hermann Ebbinghaus, as he did the research on, oddly enough, himself. The serial position […]

Nursing professor, Army vet, Seinfeld fan

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Carol Amann (Villa Maria College ‘88, Gannon University ‘05M) is one of Gannon’s instructors in the Villa Maria School of Nursing. She’s often found in the Morosky Academic Center and in the field with students. Let’s find out all about her. Hometown: Erie, Pa. High school: Strong Vincent High School Favorite color: Navy blue Favorite […]

Tales from Edge: The Mystery of the Mailroom

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The Edge staffers take a journey to the other side of the building and find a mysterious mail room with packages for editors of old, but something else is lurking behind the boxes. [youtube_sc url=””]