As I listen to today’s radio, I can’t help but have a notion that there is a war going on over something we all do every day. I am well-versed in conspiracy theories, and I think I’ve stumbled onto something. In one corner we have the perennial superstar in Justin Timberlake. Opposite of him we have the upcoming duo of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.

The battle: what to wear. On one hand we have Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. These two would rather you reduce, reuse and recycle by going thrift store shopping. They even suggest adapting a fashion style reminiscent of your grandfather’s, taking recycling to the next level.

Justin takes his wardrobe in another direction. He advocates the most formal of attire – a classic “Suit & Tie.” Strictly, he wants to see black and white as the entire color pallet, no orange or powder blue, please.

It seems to me that both these camps disagree over what we should wear on a daily basis. This got me thinking about my latest clothing purchase – my cap and gown.

My time is quickly coming to an end. As high school graduates can attest, the wait is the worst part. It’s a struggle between being excited to graduate and being fearful of the future. While it’s an odd feeling, it’s a feeling we all share. I’m sure by the time I walk across the stage I will be ready. (Granted, I won’t be wearing a suit and tie or a secondhand coat. Both of these options would be too outlandish.)