The Joe Show: A New Decade

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I hope you had a wonderful Christmas; I certainly did! The holiday season is so full of hope and generosity. Christmas has passed, and tomorrow night we’ll be entering a new decade! I’m not sure if it’s the same for you, but for me, the past 10 years have come and gone like lightning.

The Right Choice: Left on the Dial

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“Erie’s Rock Alternative” is a phrase synonymous with Gannon University thanks to 90.5 WERG, Gannon’s on-campus student-run radio station. WERG offers an alternative rock format to the Erie area, something that no other station in the region does. Moreover, it has been giving Gannon students a competitive edge when entering the media workforce since 1972. […]

The Joe Show: I Recommend…

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I recommend taking fine and digital arts classes in college. They’re usually fun and a good break from class after class of a specific major. Most of all, they offer life skills for any career as well as for for other classes. I’m a fine arts minor, so I have taken animation, music, digital drawing, […]

Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week

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Finding a school with solid roots in social justice and activism will provide you with many life skills and opportunities to make a difference. Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week, a national event sponsored at Gannon by the Center for Social Concerns and the Social Concerns Club, is one of many social justice projects students can […]

The Joe Show: I Love Music

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I love music; all kinds. I listen to anything; Mozart, Brad Paisley, Rancid, Biggie Smalls. I’m picky about which singers and bands I like, but I’m not biased toward any certain genre. My favorite band is Eve 6. Here’s proof: I once drove four hours – one way – to see them in concert. Other […]

Erie History Mystery: Who is Daniel Dobbins?

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Erie is heaven for history buffs. Lighthouses, railways, Victorian mansions and even a naval brig from the War of 1812 serve as reminders of Erie days gone by. People in the area encounter names from Erie’s rich history every day — often without realizing the significant contributions of the namesakes. We at Edge — inquisitive […]

Gannon’s Got Plavcan

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When we experience art in a gallery – like the Schuster Art Gallery at Gannon – we feel human. We feel alive. When we are surrounded by art on a daily basis, our minds are opened and expanded. And now to add to that in our daily lives here, Gannon recently acquired a painting by […]

The Joe Show: Gannon Hooked Me With “Up”

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My weekend was relaxing and fun; just what I needed after a busy week. I went to see the movie “Up,” and I checked out the Erie Art Museum. The movie was fantastic, and the work at the museum was beautiful. I love movies like “Shrek” and “Finding Nemo,” but “Up” blew them all out […]