Top Ten Packing Trips for Travel (from a student pro)

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(Photos courtesy of the Gannon University TRAVEL Program Facebook page – hop on over (when you’re done reading here, of course!) to see more from our student’s travels!) Gannon University is filled with countless opportunities to go abroad. Over the course of my 3 years at Gannon I have had to the opportunity to go […]

11 Things You Realize Going into Your Senior Year

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It feels as though just last year I was a freshman in college. I wish that I could say that I was better prepared for how quickly these few years were going to move by but in truth I wasn’t. Just like all good things, college too must come to an end. As I approach […]

Embracing the Awkward in College (and Growing Up)

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We all have moments in our lives that define us; those moments where we are asked to make choices that make us a little bit uncomfortable. Whether it’s because of the weight of the decisions or the nature of the decisions themselves… we often do not embrace these changes completely. I know that when I was applying for […]

Engagement Spotlight: RHA

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Hey guys! For this spotlight, I had the opportunity to connected with Hayley Woebse, a sophomore nursing major! The always-positive-and-full-of-life Hayley told me about a great opportunity to get involved on campus! RHA, or Residence Hall Association, is an organization dedicated to establishing a thriving community on campus. For students looking to get involved or interested […]

First World Problems: Reflections in Preparation for Haiti

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As much as I hate to admit it at times… I am a total millennial. Slow wifi, lack of social media and cold showers are some of my least favorite things. We are all used to these simple luxuries. For instance, when I moved into my apartment in late August this year I was horrified […]

Getting To Know Your New SGA President

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Kendra Walker was recently elected as the new president of Gannon’s Student Government Association. The sophomore accounting and finance major currently serves on SGA as the vice president of finance. This week, I sat down with her to find out more about her plans, the campaign process and some little-known fun facts about our new […]

Just a Chapter in a Book

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When I was younger I used to pretend that everything about my life was a fairy tale. Even the most mundane aspects of my life would feel as if they were something magical. The bus to school was not just some vessel for my little body to be brought to some government mandated program, but […]

A Student’s March on Washington

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One of the greatest qualities of becoming a young adult is the opportunity to grow into your own ideas and express them in a matter that is peaceful. One of the greatest attributes of Gannon University is its constant mission to encouraging students to develop their own personal values and to express these values in […]

A Millennial’s Guide to Living Without A Smartphone

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Over Christmas break, I remember remarking to my cousin about potentially trading in my iPhone 6 for a flip phone. Horrified, he proudly unlocked his own to prove that to give up a smart phone would be ludicrous. He said, “Kendra! Getting a flip phone would be like willingly returning to the Stone Age!”  I […]