Hey guys!

For this spotlight, I had the opportunity to connected with Hayley Woebse, a sophomore nursing major! The always-positive-and-full-of-life Hayley told me about a great opportunity to get involved on campus!

RHA, or Residence Hall Association, is an organization dedicated to establishing a thriving community on campus. For students looking to get involved or interested in putting on programming for their halls RHA is a great organization to get in touch with (did you know you can follow them on Twitter? @GU_RHA). They are a great resource filled with great people. As the National Communications Coordinator for RHA, Hayley gave me some great insight not only what RHA is but also how to balance being a leader on campus. Here are a few things that she thought that you should know…

What is the main reason that you chose Gannon University?

It was the farthest I could go from home but still be in-state. I felt like I needed to be the six hours away from home to really find myself, and get the full college experience.

What has made your Gannon Experience so special?

So far there have been many experiences that I have had at Gannon that have made it special. They range from the beautiful friendships I have formed, and to finding my faith in the Catholic Church, and getting baptized my freshman year.

What would you tell freshman you looking to get involved?

I would tell them there are so many wonderful opportunities to get involved on campus, and they are bound to find one that they love and are going to thrive in.

What do you wish that freshman and other student’s knew about RHA?

I wish that they had a better understanding of what my organization is when coming into the University. However, since my organization is still so new, it is difficult to get the word to incoming students.

What are some great accomplishments RHA has had this year?

We have had some pretty successful programs, such as the First Knight Celebration, which was for incoming freshman during Preview GU. Or most recently, the Easter Egg Hunt that RHA put on for the children of the MLK center.

What does being in RHA look like?

For me, being in the organization is a lot of fun times and great leadership experiences. It also is a lot of legislative meetings, since I am the voice for our organization at a national scale, but I find those super fun. There is also a lot of planning on my end for fundraisers, conferences, and other things that come up.

What makes RHA special to you?

It has given me a lot of networking, and leadership opportunities in the university, in our region, and even nationally. I am also the first National Communications Coordinator that the RHA has had. So I feel like I am playing a role in solidifying what it means to be in this position; which is pretty neat to me.

How do you balance leadership and life?

A lot of my friends I surround myself with are involved in many of the same things I am, or in the same classes as me. They help keep me grounded in what I am doing as well as keep me focused.

Anything else that you would like to share with incoming students?

We actually have a position open that is meant for incoming students. It is known as the National Communications Coordinator – In Training, NCC-IT, and they are who would be trained to take my position the following year. The person in this position would work side-by-side with me, and would be learning a lot of ins and outs to the organization.

MOVE IN DAY IS AUGUST 19, 2017!! We’re super excited. You’ll get to meet our move-in crew, LOTS of residence life staff and have a blast during Preview GU. We’ll see you soon!!