Emma’s Twenty for Twenty

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I recently turned 20; this has caused me to reflect on the past two decades. That’s crazy! I have been on this Earth for 20. Whole. Years… so I must have learned a few things, right? The following are 20 lessons, pieces of advice, etc. that I have learned & am now happy to share: Take […]

Giving LIFE a hand

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If one characteristic seems immediately noticeable about Gannon, it’s the charisma and connection our students feel with each other. From GIVE Day to campus-wide activities, Gannon is often associated with a sweeping kindness created by our community. Certain groups, clubs and organizations exemplify this trait, and L.I.F.E. (Love is for Everyone) is no different. Run […]

The reality of college: Knowing your limits

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It seems for a majority of my academic career, I’ve been striving for excellence. Even in kindergarten, I was determined to have the best macaroni art in my class. I’m not quite sure how this intrinsic motivation for perfection all started; part of me believes it was engrained into my subconscious from watching the Pokémon […]

Closing out my teenage years

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When I was younger, I always imagined turning 20 would magically transform me into an adult, similar to the Sailor Moon transformation sequence on my favorite TV show. The moment the clock struck my birthday hour I would metamorphose from a wee child playing with Barbie’s to a briefcase-toting, coffee- drinking, car-driving adult.  The older […]

Actions speak louder than words

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Could you be quiet for a full day?   Do you think you could go without speaking to friends, professors, or singing along to your iPod?  When most people think of a protest, they conjure up images of large groups of people wielding picket signs, chanting in the streets.  This approach, although effective, isn’t the only way you […]

PostSecretU and Day of Silence at Gannon

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Service, inclusiveness and social responsibility are all part of Gannon University’s mission. Each appears in Gannon’s mission statement and there’s even a department – the Center for Social Concerns – dedicated to these goals. And in the month of April, two campus groups – Active Minds and Love is for Everyone (LIFE) – are hosting […]

5 things we saw on GIVE Day

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More than a thousand students participated in the 15th annual GIVE Day on Sept. 15. Here are 5 things the Edge editorial board saw on GIVE Day.