If one characteristic seems immediately noticeable about Gannon, it’s the charisma and connection our students feel with each other. From GIVE Day to campus-wide activities, Gannon is often associated with a sweeping kindness created by our community. Certain groups, clubs and organizations exemplify this trait, and L.I.F.E. (Love is for Everyone) is no different.

Run by group president Matt Kridel, a senior psychology major who also commits to Active Minds and Schuster Theatre, L.I.F.E. represents equality and human rights support around campus. Each year, the group holds a prayer vigil to end hatred and bullying, among other activities, including fundraisers and attending nationwide conferences. This year, however, the group is planning on ending their semester (and Matt’s college career) with a special event, entitled “Give Life a Hand.”

On April 25, friends and couples will be asked to hold hands with each other around campus in order to show support of a variety of themes, the biggest of which being somewhat obvious: love.

While we realize that most will not be able to spend an entire day with a single person, the sign could last as short as a five-minute walk to class and as long as a lunch or class period. The symbolism goes deeper than just one theme. By holding hands with someone you love, be it a platonic or romantic relationship regardless of gender, you can provide an excellent example of unity, comfort and care for anyone who may happen to be struggling with life or college aspects.

The biggest idea behind Give Life a Hand is support. While L.I.F.E. tends to focus on orientation and equality, their name makes it fairly clear that they’re merely making a statement about compassion in general. Relationships run our lives; they can make or break us, which is why it is consistently important that we express our love and gratitude for those who care about us. Consider the event a friendly reminder of something we should strive to show every day, albeit in a simpler way.

More information will be available at the L.I.F.E. table in Waldron on the April 25, where the group will be handing out ribbons to loosely tie wrists together, along with providing students with other information about what L.I.F.E. stands for. They have also made an attempt to reach out to several organizations around campus in order to promote and push Give Life a Hand to be even more widespread. Remember, the action hardly takes a second thought, so why not help uphold our strong values and Give Life. a hand April 25?Love can be, and truly is, for everyone.