On Ghostbusters and the Importance of Reboots

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The internet can be a horrible place. These words, no doubt, have been written before, and I can guarantee they will be written again. After all, for every wonderful site (like ours for example) dedicated to your favorite genre of music or, yes, pictures of baby animals (which the internet will never get over – […]

Playlist: Sounds of the Edge Office

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Ah, the Edge office – she is a merciless beast. Much like the sea, she giveth and taketh away (deadlines and content ideas, respectively). Okay, so it’s really not bad at all, and I don’t know why I’m talking like a sea captain, but things can get stressful around here! Anytime one of us is […]

Salad Days Are Here

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Where to start? I guess it’s worth knowing that I’ve been going to tattoo parlors for years watching my friends get “inked” (or whatever lame tattoo lingo you feel like using), and almost every time, I’ve considered getting something. I’ve had plenty of ideas, too, from the Modest Mouse and AbsolutePunk logos to a circus-style […]

Only in Erie: The Sunset Drive-In Theater

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There are a number of things my fiancée Jess and I try to fit in at least once a year when the season of romance rolls around. As far as summer entertainment goes, Erie certainly isn’t lacking. Attractions like the Erie Zoo and Waldameer Park and Water World are staples of local life, but what […]

Only in Erie: The Erie Ribfest

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Hello – my name is Aaron Mook, and you might recognize me from such past features as “Aaron Eats Erie” and “Gig Life: Six Days on the Road with Aaron Mook.” Every so often, the Edge team will brainstorm some regular feature ideas that we believe will appeal to both our local audience as well […]

Gig Life: Six days on the road with Aaron Mook

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Following the last semester of my junior year I was given the truly excellent opportunity to sell merch for my friends in local post-rock band Frame and Mantle on their six-day east coast tour. Together, we drove miles and miles in a packed van to five different cities, crashing on acquaintances’ couches and checking out […]

From Brazil to Erie: Meet Bruno Müller

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“Gannon has certainly grown to feel like a home away from home.” Name: Bruno Colombo Müller Class Year: Senior Major: Sport and Exercise Science Interests: Sports – Soccer (Playing with plenty of intercultural students at the Recreation and Wellness Center) Favorite Place on Campus: Recreation and Wellness Center Q: When did you move here? A: […]

Gannon Paranormal Society QnA

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One of Gannon’s newly budding clubs on campus is the Gannon Paranormal Society (GPS), a club that is focused on sharing stories of the paranormal and bringing together lovers of unexplained mysteries. The GPS is headed by Edge Magazine’s own Aaron Mook and I sat down with him to ask him about his new club and its […]