Getting my foot in the door at the Olivier Awards

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College is all about having once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Being a college student means that more options are available to you to try amazing things and fulfill some of the things you’ve hoped and dreamed about for years. It takes a lot of hard work and a bit of luck, but you’ll get to make some of […]

Fall break for a Shakespeare geek

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It’s currently fall break on Gannon’s campus, so the streets of Erie are much quieter than usual. Many students have headed home, but I did not. This year, I’m headed to Staunton, Va. to visit the American Shakespeare Center with the theatre and English departments. We’re seeing five plays, mostly ones that aren’t traditionally produced or are […]

AfterThoughts: First week back in the office

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The first week back in the office leads the staff to some interesting thoughts. Jake Slease, assignment editor: One week of my senior year down! Matt Kridel, special features editor: Everybody’s working for the weekend…and I am. Right now. Allison Kessler, assistant multimedia editor: The dancing cow in “Gypsy” makes me laugh every time. Keefer […]