It’s currently fall break on Gannon’s campus, so the streets of Erie are much quieter than usual. Many students have headed home, but I did not.

This year, I’m headed to Staunton, Va. to visit the American Shakespeare Center with the theatre and English departments. We’re seeing five plays, mostly ones that aren’t traditionally produced or are relatively unknown, and we’re participating in different workshops and talk-back sessions. I’m really excited to participate in this trip because I’m a huge Shakespeare lover.

That sounds a bit weird, especially as Shakespeare is the worst part of high school literature classes for some people. I was not one of those students. I saw my first Shakespeare play my freshman year of high school and was completely hooked. While my classmates dozed in the seats around me, I was enthralled watching the problems of Julius Caesar unfold onstage.

Since then, I’ve acted in one Shakespearean play and seen more than I can remember. I’m also rehearsing for my second Shakespeare play, Henry IV. I’ve read a lot of Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets, but I’m still nowhere close to having read the complete works.  I’ve also visited the Globe Theatre in London.  That was a really interesting experience, as the tour highlighted the history of both the theatre and London itself. It felt like a perfect stereotypical London day: Shakespeare and rain.

Hopefully the weather is better for this trip, but I think it will be great either way.  I’m excited to see the shows and work with the ASC. This trip will be a nice break from the hectic semester and hopefully give me enough energy to last until Thanksgiving.

I hope you’re all doing well!

Talk to you soon,