TL;DR – Olympics, Harry Potter and Sword Fighting

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Erie trainer heads to Rio – Gannon University’s Elizabeth Darling TL;DR: Twenty years after competing for the national team in the Pan-American games herself, GU’s Elizabeth Darling, DPT, is heading to the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games. Darling’s job is to help design stretches and exercises  that help Team USA’s gymnasts perform better and reduce […]

The Challenges of Playing a Comic Role in a Shakespearean Play

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One thing I never understood about theater is why everyone wants to play the beautiful romantic lead.  For some reason or another, I never had any interest in playing those characters. I always found them to be incredibly boring. Ever since elementary school, I’ve always taken an interest in the character roles — especially the […]

The British are coming (to Gannon)!

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If you walk into Schuster Theatre this week, you are bound to hear someone shout something along the lines of “The British are coming!” No, it’s not just a Paul Revere joke. They are referring to CAST, The Cambridge American Stage Tour, which is making its return to Erie Sept. 21. CAST is coming to […]

Trust me, I’m a doctor. Sort of.

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Welcome! Come in, come in, please. Sorry to keep you waiting – so many patients to see, so little time. No, there’s no need to be nervous. Just relax and tell me what’s wrong. You’ve been feeling both lethargic and anxious lately, all right. When have you felt like this? Lethargic usually, but anxious around […]

Shakespeare returns to Gannon’s theater

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Gannon University’s Schuster Theatre is the venue for the upcoming Shakespearean history “Henry IV.” The odds of seeing a Shakespearean performance at Gannon are pretty high considering we have Shakespeare Summer nights during the summer, the Cambridge American Shakespeare Tour that comes annually – this year they performed Antony and Cleopatra and now Gannon students […]

X is for shakeXperience

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Whether you’re an expert in all things William Shakespeare or have only dabbled in his work, you’ll find Gannon’s shakeXperience worthwhile. The weeklong theatre camp for high school students is put on by the Department of Theatre, Communication and Fine Arts and annually takes place in July. Participants collaborate in workshops in performance, text analysis, […]

Backstage and on-stage adventures

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1. To create the look of stained glass windows for the Schuster Theatre’s production “Lives of the Saints,” the crew and I used shower liners and paint.  2 & 3. Over fall break, I went with students from the theatre and English departments to Staunton, Va. to visit the American Shakespeare Center. We saw five […]

Fall break for a Shakespeare geek

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It’s currently fall break on Gannon’s campus, so the streets of Erie are much quieter than usual. Many students have headed home, but I did not. This year, I’m headed to Staunton, Va. to visit the American Shakespeare Center with the theatre and English departments. We’re seeing five plays, mostly ones that aren’t traditionally produced or are […]

My summer in Connecticut, acting at "The O'Neill"

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This summer I had the opportunity to study at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center – often referred to as “The O’Neill” – in Waterford, Conn. I was first introduced to the O’Neill through my acting mentor and academic advisor, Paula Barrett, when I expressed an interest in finding a substantial theatre program for the following […]

Sci-Guy Braces for Something Wicked

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“By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes.” This line from Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” pretty accurately describes my life at the moment. Between fall break and November 5th I have 4 midterms, a 10 minute psychology project, final preparations for and putting on Stage Fright and Homecoming. Add this to my already busy […]