Welcome! Come in, come in, please. Sorry to keep you waiting – so many patients to see, so little time. No, there’s no need to be nervous. Just relax and tell me what’s wrong.

You’ve been feeling both lethargic and anxious lately, all right. When have you felt like this? Lethargic usually, but anxious around due dates, okay. What else? Restless, both during the day and night. Are you sleeping well? Yes and no? What do you mean? Ah, frequent naps, but going to bed late and having trouble falling asleep.

Well, what kind of things have been going on in your life recently? Lots of schoolwork, okay. Many different clubs and meetings. And a play, which one? Ah, “Henry IV,” Shakespeare. But no wonder you’re up late, being at rehearsal at night and then having to study after. And are you going to all of your meetings and rehearsals? Most? Some. And often late.

And what are you feeling cognitively? I mean, what are you thinking? That you’re ready to move on with the semester. Excited for Christmas break, but of course, as is everyone. Interesting…

I think you’re suffering from what we call ESS, or end-of-semester slump. It’s very treatable with a combination of time and focus on your school work. Just make sure you have better sleeping habits, bring back the same good study habits from earlier in the semester and make sure you see your classes through. And think of Christmas as a goal to be earned, not just one that you get. Before you know it you’ll be sipping cocoa by the fire and unwrapping presents!

And… oh, hello. You must be the psychologist. Well, no, I was just… a degree? Well, I’m a psychology major so… two years until… yes, I’ll be going now. No, there’s no need to call the cops.

Matt 🙂