With the school year coming to a close and less than one month left of classes this semester, people are already planning the trips and activities they will be doing this summer. Many students on campus have plans that range from going to new and exotic places, seeing a concert, or just taking time to relax and take in the summer at home.  While many think about what the college kids will be doing this break, I got to talk with some of the Gannon University staff and asked them what their plans were for the summer break. I also asked them how the setting of campus changes once the students go home for the summer.

First, I talked to the campus events tech director Sam Hyman and asked him about his plans for this summer.  Sam told me about his plans to spend some time outdoors and work on projects around his house through gardening and enjoying his new fireplace. Sam also plans on playing many music gigs this summer and is looking forward to playing these events. When asked about how the campus changes when there are no students, Sam talked about how quiet the campus is and how laid back the atmosphere is. He also said that the summer goes by so quick that the kids are back before you know it.

Next, I talked to director of development Cathy Fresch about her summer plans and the change in atmosphere that comes with summer break.  Cathy plans on doing many outdoor activities and taking trips to the beach. She is also looking forward to sailing across Lake Erie to Canada and spending time with family flying kites and going kayaking at the peninsula.  When asked about how the atmosphere of campus changes during break, Cathy talked about how quiet things get and how the activity disappears. She also talked about how she enjoys it when the students are on campus and how lively the atmosphere turns when fall comes around.

The third employee I talked to was the director of alumni services, Nancy Bird. Nancy will start off her summer with an alumni trip to Yellowstone National Park and an alumni event at a Yankees game in New York City later in the summer.  She is also attending two weddings for two of her friends in Chicago and Gettysburg and will be attending her son’s graduation ceremony from Penn State University.  Nancy also plans on spending time outdoors with her friends and family and taking trips to the beach.  When asked about the change in atmosphere in campus, Nancy said that the Old Main building is still busy even in the summer, but there isn’t as much of a “buzz” on campus as there is during the school year.

The final person I talked to was the associate director of campus ministry, Brent Heckman. Brent plans on starting his summer off with a trip to Italy and Greece in May. Brent also plans on traveling with his Dad this summer and reaching their goal of visiting all fifty states by visiting the last two on their list: Georgia and South Carolina.  He said during the summer the staff will be getting stuff ready for next year with renovations being done in his section.

Through taking to all of these Gannon staff members about their summer plans it made me realize that the employees look forward to summer break just as much as the students do. I also learned how much the staff looks forward to our return the following fall and the liveliness the students bring to campus during the school year.