Well, despite every lecture about college I have ever heard in my life, I never really understood how fast it would go by. I keep thinking, “How is it the end of the first semester?” Maybe it’s because it is freshman year, and we are all still getting used to it and all that jazz, but wow. I cannot believe Thanksgiving break is over already, and now everyone has to stress about finals. Next semester’s courses are selected, schedules are determined, and everyone seems to be getting used to it just fine – thank you Gannon for all the help! But the shock of December’s arrival is chilling.

For many, including myself, this will be the first winter spent in cold, snowy Erie. I’m sure most are well aware of the hard conditions we will face. This is the advice I have gathered thus far: 1) Go through as many buildings as possible to get to classes, 2) always wear long sleeves, except in the Morosky Academic Center, and 3) it is not impossible to deal with. We can do it, fellow freshmen! As for the time-flying-by situation, just sit back, realize you are here doing it and enjoy.

Keep up the good work, ask for help when needed – there is plenty available – and live it up. Y.O.C.O! You Only College Once, guys! 😉

Best wishes until next time,