Freshman year hits the home stretch

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As the end of our last semester approaches, it’s safe to say that we have learned the ropes of college. The tough part now is to remain focused and not think too much about summer plans rather than school priorities. Scheduling is finished, so we know what we will be taking next year, but it […]

Here today, gone tomorrow

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With only the memory of spring break, we’re back at Gannon with renewed motivation and focus. Now that midterms are behind us, the end of the semester is in sight, reminding us to keep up the good work and make this first year worthwhile. It’s is crucial to refocus on the courses you’re taking to […]

Managing my time

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For all students – not just freshmen – classes, relationships and ideas have their fair share of pros and cons. Approaching mid-semester, classes are in full swing, activities are slowing down a bit and the cons are becoming more identifiable. If classes are getting you down, remember to get help whenever you need it. Don’t […]

Spring semester = Second time around

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As the second semester progresses, continued motivation is key. We all know that classes will become increasingly difficult, so we need to become increasingly motivated to achieve the futures we are all working towards. In some ways, this semester will be less of a challenge than last. Being away from home – farther for some […]

Seize the semester, onward to adulthood

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The first month of the year is almost over. All you hear about these days are New Year’s and New Year’s resolutions. What freshmen must realize, though, is that once again we are entering a new part of our lives. Our second semester as college students has begun, and we are no longer newbies. We’re […]

Freshies, it’s cold outside!

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Well, despite every lecture about college I have ever heard in my life, I never really understood how fast it would go by. I keep thinking, “How is it the end of the first semester?” Maybe it’s because it is freshman year, and we are all still getting used to it and all that jazz, […]

Embracing the excitement of first semester

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Introducing Edge’s new freshman blogger, Alicia Fassinger. Alicia, a sport and exercise science major from Pittsburgh, will be relating her experiences as a member of Gannon University’s class of 2016. Freshman year of college is one of the most exciting times in someone’s life – or so I’ve heard about a million times now. It is important […]