The first month of the year is almost over. All you hear about these days are New Year’s and New Year’s resolutions. What freshmen must realize, though, is that once again we are entering a new part of our lives. Our second semester as college students has begun, and we are no longer newbies. We’re further along on the road to being adults.

There will be more expected of us this semester, but there is also more to experience: new people, places and opportunities that we must appreciate and take advantage of. There are so many wonderful things available here at our new home. We can’t let anything pass us by.

Go out and get everything you can out of this next semester! I encourage you to meet as many new people as possible, work harder in every new class, set higher goals and continue working towards the future. But along with all the new stuff around us, remember how far you have come and everything you have accomplished, and be proud.

Good luck, everyone!