Been there, done it: Advice from a senior

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As I am at the end of my journey here at Gannon, I wanted to leave the incoming freshman with a few tips! The first week of college can be overwhelming and scary, but use a few of these tips and you will feel at ease. 1. Go to the Activity Fair, Play Fair and […]

Reflecting on freshman year with current freshman

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As their college careers come to an end, many seniors are reflecting on memories and imparting wisdom to underclassmen. But we wanted to see what the newest members of the Gannon community had to say about their first year. Here’s some memories and advice from the freshman class: What is your favorite memory of freshman […]

Scheduling: The struggle is real

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It’s cliché to start an article with a phrase like, “It’s that time of year again…” In this scenario, however, I’m afraid it is that time of year again. Now, this is nothing meant to detriment the scheduling process. I completely understand that there are certain priorities put in place to assure that everyone is […]

Finding my niche

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Christmas break is, and always will be, a double-edged sword. In its anticipatory stages, you will find yourself borderline-angry about how long it’s taking to get here; when it finally arrives, Christmas break is a refreshing breath like no other, and towards the end of the three-week period, most students find themselves in the middle […]

An open letter to first year students

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It is the fourth week into the fall semester, which means Gannon freshmen will be relieved from Freshmen Hours soon. While many have found new friends and settled into their niche, there’s still much yet to come. My sister is one of those freshmen, at Otterbein University, though, and while we discussed college, I never […]

Mama, I’m a big girl now!

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There are certain rites of passage one must complete in their first year of college, like pulling an all-nighter before an 8 a.m. exam and getting locked out of your dorm room after taking a shower. I managed to accomplish one of the more lofty achievements: getting sick and not having your mother available to […]

Freshman year hits the home stretch

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As the end of our last semester approaches, it’s safe to say that we have learned the ropes of college. The tough part now is to remain focused and not think too much about summer plans rather than school priorities. Scheduling is finished, so we know what we will be taking next year, but it […]

Seize the semester, onward to adulthood

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The first month of the year is almost over. All you hear about these days are New Year’s and New Year’s resolutions. What freshmen must realize, though, is that once again we are entering a new part of our lives. Our second semester as college students has begun, and we are no longer newbies. We’re […]

Why I'll remember what I'll remember

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I want to talk about psychology, something that my co-blogger Matt would be better suited to talk to you about. In the field of psychology there is a theory known as the serial position effect. This effect was first introduced by Hermann Ebbinghaus, as he did the research on, oddly enough, himself. The serial position […]

Freshies, it’s cold outside!

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Well, despite every lecture about college I have ever heard in my life, I never really understood how fast it would go by. I keep thinking, “How is it the end of the first semester?” Maybe it’s because it is freshman year, and we are all still getting used to it and all that jazz, […]