As I am at the end of my journey here at Gannon, I wanted to leave the incoming freshman with a few tips! The first week of college can be overwhelming and scary, but use a few of these tips and you will feel at ease.

1. Go to the Activity Fair, Play Fair and Meet the Merchants; you will get free food, meet new people and see what clubs Gannon has to offer! After attending, you’ll know which organizations to join and which places to go eat off campus at!

2. Leave your room door open! This is how I met the people I’ve lived with for the last three years. Everyone is in the same boat, and you’ll meet your floor/ wing mates this way!

3. Venture out of your comfort zone! Be the person that walks to Porky’s with someone you just met! (That was me freshman year.) You’ll be thankful you did.

4. Go to the events your residence hall has those first few nights. You will meet people who are living with you and make some new friends.

5. If you don’t know how to do your own laundry ask your RA! My friends and I did this freshman year, and then we were all set for the next four; it’s totally worth it.

While I could keep giving you advice, you’re going to want to experience it yourself. Have fun and do everything you can. These four years of college will be the best of your life, I promise you that. Good luck darlings!