Dear Emma: Relationship Advice Column–Part 2

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Dear Emma: What advice do you have for a hopeless romantic in today’s world where hookups and “talking” are becoming popular? –Searching for Long-Term Dear Searching for Long-Term: It sounds like you could use a Hallmark movie right about now, but seriously, I understand your frustration. It’s hard to read people and know what they […]

Been there, done it: Advice from a senior

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As I am at the end of my journey here at Gannon, I wanted to leave the incoming freshman with a few tips! The first week of college can be overwhelming and scary, but use a few of these tips and you will feel at ease. 1. Go to the Activity Fair, Play Fair and […]

Straightening up out of the “sophomore slump”

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Entering my sophomore year held such promise and hope– no longer being a freshman, I could disregard those pesky visitation hours and have people over whenever I wanted. Additionally, I moved into an on-campus apartment with three friends, and we were eager to start managing our own household. Also, I was beginning to take classes […]

An open letter to first year students

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It is the fourth week into the fall semester, which means Gannon freshmen will be relieved from Freshmen Hours soon. While many have found new friends and settled into their niche, there’s still much yet to come. My sister is one of those freshmen, at Otterbein University, though, and while we discussed college, I never […]

[VIDEO] Surviving College: It’s About Time

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To make the most of college, you need to get involved on campus and in the classroom. But to be successful, stay involved and maintain your grades, you’ve got to manage time wisely. Check out my tips for doing that in my latest vlog. What keeps Keefer busy? Check out his other videos to find […]