Been there, done it: Advice from a senior

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As I am at the end of my journey here at Gannon, I wanted to leave the incoming freshman with a few tips! The first week of college can be overwhelming and scary, but use a few of these tips and you will feel at ease. 1. Go to the Activity Fair, Play Fair and […]

Hitting the road after graduation

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Well this is it, my last blog. I know, I know it’s a sad moment in all of our lives. I want to thank you all for listening to my ramblings over the last semester; it’s been a blast. After graduation I will be going on a road trip! I’m going with my roommate down […]

Tips for making the homestretch

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Easter break came at the perfect time this year- right in the middle of April, now we have a little over a week left of class and then finals week! Here are a few tips to get you through the rest of the year strong: Make time for breaks! Schedule 10-minute breaks when you’re studying […]

Traveling around the world as a student

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Traveling is one of the greatest things in the entire world, well to me at least. I love getting to explore a new country, state or city. I think traveling makes you open your eyes and see the world in a different perspective. In my 21 short years on this earth, I’ve traveled a little. […]

A fiesta in your mouth: Mexican restaurant in Erie

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Whenever I want to eat somewhere other than my own kitchen, I usually hit up one of the many Mexican fast food restaurants Erie has. I don’t discriminate on any of them; they are different and have different options that you can get. Moe’s Southwest Grill: Moe’s has so many different options; you can get […]

Managing the best college station in the nation

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“Wait, we won what? Best College Station in the Nation? Shut up, I’m going to cry.” These eloquent words were said by yours truly when I received the phone call that 90.5 WERG won the best college station in the nation award. Being the general manager of WERG during this time has been completely insane. […]

Patterson and Raymond pen an unnecessary ‘First Love’

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James Patterson is known for his mystery and adult-fiction novels. Patterson is a #1 New York Times Bestselling Author. Normally he doesn’t tackle young-adult books, but he co-authored one with Emily Raymond called “First Love.” The book is about good girl Axi, who decides to run away with her best friend Robinson. She has a […]

RUNDOWN: Women’s Elite Eight, Anchorman 2, and International Night

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Monday March 24th: Gamma Sigma Sigma will be having a health table in Waldron today from 11am-1pm. Tuesday March 25th: The NCAA Division II Women’s Elite Eight starts today. You can listen live over the on 90.5 WERG or on the global stream at Wednesday March 26th: Housing meetings will take place in the […]

Moving on out

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Four score and well, four years ago, leaving home was the ultimate goal. When deciding on college, I knew I wanted to be somewhere a little farther away from home. I didn’t want to live at home; I wanted to be somewhat on my own. That’s why I chose Gannon, which is a good six […]

RUNDOWN: Test taking, clothes swapping, and a Zumbathon

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Monday March 17th: Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Enjoy the festivities and make sure you’re wearing green! Tuesday March 18th: In the Student Success Center Conference room at 12:30pm there will be a test taking workshop. They will be teaching helpful tricks to make test taking easier for you. Wednesday March 19th: In Zurn 104 at […]