Whenever I want to eat somewhere other than my own kitchen, I usually hit up one of the many Mexican fast food restaurants Erie has. I don’t discriminate on any of them; they are different and have different options that you can get.

Moe’s Southwest Grill: Moe’s has so many different options; you can get a burrito, quesadilla, stack, nachos, tacos, salad and more. Each of these options has various options underneath them. Moe’s is known for its queso and free chips. You can’t miss free queso day! Located right off the highway.

Chipotle Mexican Grill: While Chipotle doesn’t have as many options, they pride themselves on their fresh ingredients. Their flavorful meats bring an extra kick to your meal. Also their chips have a lime flavoring, which sets them apart from most other Mexican restaurants. Located on upper Peach Street.

Qdoba Mexican Grill: Qdoba is a little different from the places above; they have different options when it comes to food. They have certain items on the menu that are pre-determined. Like their queso burrito that comes with different flavors of queso, potatoes and meat. Qdoba also has different flavors of queso; their regular queso is also a little spicier than others. Located on upper Peach Street.

Taco Bell: Most people know what Taco Bells has to offer. Other than their huge menu of Mexican cuisine they offer Mountain Dew’s Baja Blast, which you can’t get anywhere else. Taco Bell is the only one out of these four that has a drive through and multiple locations in Erie; there is even one right on Twelfth Street!

While I may love all four of these places, you may have a favorite. Hopefully after reading what all of these places have to offer, you while be adventurous and try something new!