Well this is it, my last blog. I know, I know it’s a sad moment in all of our lives. I want to thank you all for listening to my ramblings over the last semester; it’s been a blast.

After graduation I will be going on a road trip! I’m going with my roommate down south for a week, and I am super excited to go. Our first stop on the trip is Wilmington, N.C. Why Wilmington you ask? Because that is where One Tree Hill was filmed! I want to see all the locations where my favorite show was filmed. While the river court (one of the show’s biggest locations) is no longer there, there are many other places to visit. We will spend two days there, visiting the sites and getting our tan on! (Well hopefully getting tan and not sunburn.)

After we leave North Carolina, we are hitting up Jacksonville, Fla. We don’t have any definite plans for this location yet, but what we do know is that we will do some shopping, play on the beach and just sort of roll with the punches for our one-night stay.

Then we are heading to New Orleans, Louisiana! There we are going to see the French Quarter and be immersed in all the culture that is there. I have always wanted to go to New Orleans, so I am really excited for this chance. One thing I’m not looking forward to, however, is going over one of the top 10 most dangerous bridges in the world, because I am terrified of bridges – TERRIFIED.  I guess it will be worth it though; I will just have my roommate drive and close my eyes.

Then our final destination on the trip, Nashville, Tenn.! We will be there for a whole weekend, sightseeing and doing everything we can. Maybe we will even run into a famous person- who knows!

As of now, those are my only plans for after graduation. I’m continuing to apply to jobs and hope for the best. For those of you who’ve read my blogs, thank you and good luck with whatever your future holds.