“Wait, we won what? Best College Station in the Nation? Shut up, I’m going to cry.” These eloquent words were said by yours truly when I received the phone call that 90.5 WERG won the best college station in the nation award.

Being the general manager of WERG during this time has been completely insane. I have never been more proud of a group of people. The staff has worked so hard this year and we’ve accomplished so much.

We are the first college radio station to broadcast the NCAA Division II Women’s Elite Eight in full coverage. We’ve given tickets away to various concerts all over Erie and Pittsburgh. There has been so much we’ve been able to do this year and it is all because of this staff.

I’ve been a part of WERG since I was a freshman. I’ve grown up at the station, and I’ve made great friends because of it. I’ve also watched my staff grow through radio. Getting this award has shown us that hard work really does pay off. We’ve worked so hard on creating something people want to listen to. We create contests that we know people will want to win. The entire staff of 90.5 WERG has worked so hard this year. We’ve done so much together; this win just verified everything I have always known about the station.

WERG is the best college radio station in the nation.