Welcome back to Erie’s rock alternative 90.5 WERG

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There is only one organization that I’ve been a part of since starting at Gannon. It began as an assignment for my freshman year speech class. During my assigned radio show, I fell in love with radio and everything about it. I then became assistant production manager, and started to get my feet wet in […]

Senior gift capsulizes a moment in time

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Each year the graduating class of Gannon gives something back to the University. For us graduating seniors it’s a way to say thank you to Gannon for the wonderful years we’ve spent here. Classes often donate gifts that the University needs, like the class of 2012 who helped Professor Steven Ropski, Ph.D. with the green […]

Staying connected: Tweeting and twittering

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Twitter. It seems appropriate enough for me to write about something I use every day. When I was trying to figure out what I wanted to write about, I tweeted for suggestions. Various people answered with all kinds of suggestions, and then it hit me. Why not write about Twitter? When it comes to social […]

Getting it straight: Credit Cards

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Signing up for your first credit card is an exciting moment in one’s life. You get to buy things you want without having to pay for them right away. But, problems can arise when it comes to credit cards; you spend more money than you can pay back. Here are a few tips when it […]

“Hungry Girl” leads to queasy girl

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This semester I decide I wanted to cook more. I wanted to start making myself meals that were healthier and not of the frozen variety. I have always loved cooking. I even have a special dish I make every Thanksgiving for my family. I also took cooking classes in high school too. I am clearly […]

Breaking vegan edge

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See, I’m not quite sure how to sum up a year of my life in 500 words. I stopped eating meat at the beginning of 2013 – cold turkey. (Pun completely intended.) I was told that there was no way I could do it; I ate too much chicken. So I proved that person wrong, […]

RUNDOWN: The spookiest week of the year

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Sunday October 27th: The Gannon Golden Knights Hockey team will have their first home game at 1pm. The game will be at the Erie Insurance Arena. Monday October 28th: Nola Garrett will be having a poetry reading at the Knight Club. She will be sharing her poetry and inviting student to read their own as […]