Twitter. It seems appropriate enough for me to write about something I use every day. When I was trying to figure out what I wanted to write about, I tweeted for suggestions. Various people answered with all kinds of suggestions, and then it hit me. Why not write about Twitter?

When it comes to social media, there is always something new and better than the previous form. It went from Myspace, to Facebook, to Twitter; but I believe there won’t be a replacement for Twitter for a long time. Not only can you connect with your friends and family, but you also have an outlet to connect with your favorite celebrity. I mean I tweet Harry Styles at least once a day. Okay, maybe more than that.

You can find breaking news in an instant on Twitter. Trending topics will tailor to your location, or you can set your account to receive worldwide trends. Information comes quicker than ever in 140 characters or less. Retweeting allows you to then share that information with your followers.

Personally, I love tweeting. I try really hard to think of creative things to say so people will retweet it. I know how corny that sounds but it’s the truth! I currently have 19,400 tweets, so it’s safe to say I like to tweet. I signed up for Twitter when I was in high school, when not many people indulged in the Twitter rush yet. Back then I didn’t tweet a lot, but now I tweet a few times each day.

I think that Twitter is a good way for younger generations to get news, college students especially. We are always on the go between class, work and our never-ending supply of homework. If you have the app on your phone you can quickly look at it in between your running around, and see some of the top headlines for the day. If something intrigues you or catches your eye, you can then Google it to find out more. While Twitter can’t give you all the information you need, it is a gateway to becoming more informed. Now I’m not saying this is the case for everyone, because some people will scroll right past it; but for others, this is how they get their news.

I love Twitter! I think that it’s an application that is not done growing, with a lot in store for it, and I will be there every step of the way, tweeting right along with it.

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