There is only one organization that I’ve been a part of since starting at Gannon. It began as an assignment for my freshman year speech class. During my assigned radio show, I fell in love with radio and everything about it. I then became assistant production manager, and started to get my feet wet in radio.

After the mandatory shift for class was over, I decided to take another shift, and try to learn as much as I could about production, because my goal was to become a manager the following year.

I became production manager my sophomore year. I wrote and produced various promotion spots for WERG, along with the responsibility to place PSAs. Being production manager was a great place for me to start; I was introduced to the software used on a daily basis. Throughout the year I was able to learn more, and was excited to advance in positions.

I soon became music director, which was one of my favorite positions. Not only did I choose the music that played on the station, I also hosted the Tuesday Top Thirty, which is a specialty show WERG airs every Tuesday from 6:00 to 9:00 PM. The show counts down the top thirty songs each week, it also includes flashbacks and songs that were previously number one in years’ past.

I had a blast choosing music for WERG, whether it was popular music, indie music or music sent to us. I enjoyed choosing the ebb and flow of the station last year.

Now my senior year is here, my last year at Gannon, and I am currently the general manager of 90.5 WERG, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

I manage this year’s staff and make sure everything in the station runs smoothly. The level of responsibility I have this year has gone up significantly from previous years. I’ve watched the station grow and become what it is today.

Looking back at my freshman year, I never imagined I would be the general manager of a radio station. I was a shy, semi-quiet girl, but I found my voice through WERG, I broke out of my shell and was confident on air. I’ve hosted various shows over the last four years.

While I don’t foresee radio in my future, I am forever thankful for WERG and everything I’ve learned from being at the station.