Each year the graduating class of Gannon gives something back to the University. For us graduating seniors it’s a way to say thank you to Gannon for the wonderful years we’ve spent here.

Classes often donate gifts that the University needs, like the class of 2012 who helped Professor Steven Ropski, Ph.D. with the green roofs.

This year the class of 2014 is putting together a time capsule. Senior biology, pre-medical major, Luke King is on the planning committee for the senior gift.

“We wanted to do a time capsule because Gannon is going through a lot of changes,” said King.

Inside the time capsule will include video footage of current students along with keepsakes from this year. Also as a part of their gift, the senior class is supporting scholarships funds.​

One of the fundraisers that the senior class hosts every year to raise money toward their gift is the pizza competition. The students put together an event where various local pizza establishments participate with their best pizza for students, faculty and staff to try. The pizzas can range from buffalo chicken pizza, to just cheese, or to vegetable pizza.

By paying $5 to get in, all are then invited to try a slice from each vendor that participates. At the end of your tasting each person votes on which pizza he or she liked best.

Also going on during the competition is a live remote from Gannon’s radio station 90.5 WERG. I’ve gone the last three years, and I’ve never been disappointed!