Four score and well, four years ago, leaving home was the ultimate goal. When deciding on college, I knew I wanted to be somewhere a little farther away from home. I didn’t want to live at home; I wanted to be somewhat on my own. That’s why I chose Gannon, which is a good six hours away from my hometown. I am now in that boat again, except this time I don’t want to leave home.

It’s a weird thing, growing up. You spend all these years in school and then you’re done; you have a degree in your hand and a dream in your heart. I’m in the process of looking for a job and a place to live in the upcoming months after graduation, but I don’t want to leave home.

While my mom says that my bedroom will always be my bedroom, I have a feeling once I move out for good, it won’t feel like my bedroom any longer. My room will be a host of memories that seem so far away. I understand this is all part of growing up and becoming an adult, but I don’t want to grow up…yet.

While being at college so far away from home, it’s like I’m on my own. Spending last summer in New York City, I actually have lived “on my own.” But I always had comfort in knowing I’d be home for breaks and long weekends. Now, I won’t have a spring break or be able to go home for it. I will be working, and if I take any vacation time I will want to go somewhere warm and sunny, which usually aren’t words you associate with upstate New York.

So I guess I’m at a crossroads. While looking for a job and having all of these awesome opportunities thrown at me, I’m still going to miss going home for extended periods at a time.