Introducing Edge’s new freshman blogger, Alicia Fassinger. Alicia, a sport and exercise science major from Pittsburgh, will be relating her experiences as a member of Gannon University’s class of 2016.

Freshman year of college is one of the most exciting times in someone’s life – or so I’ve heard about a million times now. It is important to not be overwhelmed, get adjusted and ask for help if needed. After many pep talks from my family, I am almost positive that I’ve gotten every piece of advice I can about my first year at school. Fitting everything into real life is the fun part.

Making new friends has been my best experience so far. Meeting new people never gets old in my opinion, and with the spring semester approaching I am excited for more new classes and the people in them. Having people around to study, go out and experience this “exciting time” with is a blessing, and I know already I will keep these friendships for many years to come. I am sure that the advice my family gave me included something about making lifelong friends, and I am so glad to have accomplished that.

Classes are another matter altogether. Getting used to the grading and professors is an adventure, but not impossible. I know with time and more studying, earning the grades I hope for will not be as difficult as it seems right now.

Freshman year thus far is turning out to be almost just what I expected, but we are only halfway through. I am very excited for next semester and the rest of my time here at Gannon.

Until next time,