Students Learn Screenwriting from a Pro

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Being an undeclared freshman, I’ve had a lot of different classes this year that have focused on many different majors and areas of study.  These would include intro classes in philosophy, computer sciences, history, communications and theology. With all of these classes, there was one that was unlike the rest. The screenwriting course offered here […]

REDACTED: Tough professors prepare us

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One of my favorite classes this semester is Media Management, taught by AJ Miceli, director of the School of Communication and the Arts. Often seen as one of the most difficult classes in the communications department, it takes a look at the strategic and analytical nature of managers in an ever-changing field. Naturally, as a […]

WERG Tuesday Top 30

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Gannon’s alternative rock station, 90.5 WERG, presents the top 30 songs for the week ending Sept. 23. WERG can be streamed live via webcast from the link on our website‘s sidebar.   LW          TW   1               1            Milky Chance/Stolen Dance (Sadnecessary; Lichtdicht Records) 2 […]