Scheduling College Courses – Meme by Meme

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Scheduling is a joyous time of year where college students can forget about old classes and focus on moving forward in their education. This blissful time reminds us how quickly times passes, but it also tends to bring to light how much we hate modern technology. There is always the debate of whether we want […]

Emotions of Graduating (as Told by Memes)

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Graduating from college is a big ol’ mixed bag of emotions. You’ve spent the last four (or maybe five or six or seven–no judging!) years at a place you now call home. Now that you’re finally prepping for departure and going off into the real world, you may feel an onslaught of bittersweet feelings. And […]

Tech Watch: Top memes of 2012

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This week’s column provides an excellent opportunity to revisit (or discover) the funniest and most popular memes of 2012.  These memes will be presented in no particular order as it was difficult enough to narrow my choices to the ones listed below. Starting off the list is the act of “Dog Shaming.”  Dog shaming is […]