Mistyped: I was wrong about my Myers-Briggs type

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One interesting fact about me is that I tend to be addicted to those online personality quizzes. Whether it is “What Harry Potter character are you?,” “What 90’s alternative band should you listen to?” or “Can I guess your age?” I find these meaningless tests to be an amusing way to pass my free time. Now […]

English as a Second Language – Teaching while Learning

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As a major in the education program (and not having a car on campus), I chose to observe the English as a Second Language courses right here at Gannon in order to fulfill the observation field requirement for my ESL methods class. I found them to be some of the most interesting I’d ever observed. Maybe it […]

Mario Kart With a Twist

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When I was in health class my freshman year of high school, I had the opportunity to wear “drunk goggles” (goggles that distort your senses so that it simulates what the world looks like when you are incredibly intoxicated) for the first time. I had a lot of fun wearing them as I clumsily walked […]

The Education Resource Room

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One thing I really like about being an education major here at Gannon is that you have the opportunity to begin fieldwork as early as your freshman year. In fact, Gannon requires me to have more field work hours than the Pennsylvania Department of Education does so I am more prepared for student teaching and […]

Playlist: WERG Classics

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One of my favorite activities on campus was being an on-air personality for WERG. I hosted an air shift where I announced songs, performed music news updates and even voiced a promo. One thing I really liked was that I was able to voice-track a show in advance so I could fit this into my schedule. […]

A Wholesome Saint Patrick’s Day Guide

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Saint Patrick’s day is a notorious holiday on college campuses throughout the nation. It is that one day you get a bunch of people without any Irish heritage together dressed in all green and celebrate. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being Irish on Saint Patrick’s Day (even if you don’t have […]

Prethis: Things to Know Before Starting a Communications Thesis

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This semester, I started what is perhaps seen as the most difficult, frightening and anxiety inducing classes every theatre or communication arts student has to take at Gannon University. That class is Senior Seminar/Thesis. When I was a freshman, I heard many horror stories and I started to wonder how on Earth I would survive […]

From my experience: Michael’s audition tips

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Every summer through middle and high school I participated in the Saltworks Theater camp. At Saltworks, they had an audition and monologues class where they showed me some audition tips I kept with me. After auditioning for more shows and performing, I  have developed my own guide for auditions. Keep practicing those monologues and songs […]

A life-changing guest speaker in my theology class

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Every student at Gannon is required to take either “Theology of Moral Response” or “Philosophy of Ethics.” I ended up taking the theology class this semester with Dr. Kerr, who brought in a guest speaker named Miguel. Miguel suffered a broken back in a motorcycle accident and began to realize the discrimination people with disabilities […]

Education fieldwork survival guide

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This is a field placement survival guide written by an education majors for education majors. Field experiences are your first taste of what it is like to be a teacher in a classroom. It is nerve-wracking because you’re in front of the students for the first time. To make things worse, you have a supervisor […]