Saint Patrick’s day is a notorious holiday on college campuses throughout the nation. It is that one day you get a bunch of people without any Irish heritage together dressed in all green and celebrate.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being Irish on Saint Patrick’s Day (even if you don’t have a drop of Irish blood in your body). I would love to be a leprechaun for a day. That part of me that wishes I was Irish now has the chance to be Irish for one whole day. So, in the interest of letting everyone enjoy the day, I decided to create a guide on how to have a wholesome Saint Patrick’s Day.

Drink a shamrock shake from McDonald’s.

Shamrock shake

Make a paper shamrock.


Look for a pot of gold.


Dress up as a leprechaun.


Sing Irish drinking songs (…but don’t actually drink).


Eat shamrocks.


Eat a leprechaun’s favorite cereal.


Dress in all green.


Or even better, BE THE RAINBOW! 


Or be a pot of gold. 


Be this Irish potato. 

giphy (1)


If you follow these tips, everyone can have an enjoyable – wholesome – St. Patrick’s Day.


Happy St. Paddy’s day from Edge Magazine!